Create a button

Read over the guidelines before creating your button.
By creating a button, you agree to the terms in the guidelines.

User steps

The user steps for the LINE Social Plugin buttons are as follows:
  1. User selects LINE Social Plugin button
  2. Uses logs in with LINE Login
  3. User selects a share destination (share with friends or Timeline post), adds your account as a friend, or likes your content.

"LINE Share" button

The "LINE Share" button allows LINE users to easily share your web content with LINE friends.

1. Set URL

Enter the URL of the site on which you wish to create a "LINE Share" button.
The button will only function if its URL domain matches the actual page it is added to.

2. Customize your button

Button type
Share counter

3. Preview your button and copy its code

Button preview
  • Add this code snippet to the web page's DOM. It will be executed once the DOMContentLoaded event is run.
  • Copy and paste the code snippet to where you want the button to be displayed on the web page.
  • The script tag only needs to be added once when adding several LINE Share buttons on the same page.

Custom icons

To use a custom icon for your button, set the button's link using the guide below.
Link format{encodeURIComponent(URL)}
(Target link:
Calling the "LINE Share" button on dynamic websites
Once the DOM tree is constructed and content is produced on your site, call LineIt.loadButton() to enable the "LINE Share" button.
<script type="text/javascript">LineIt.loadButton();</script>


Design Guide
A zipped archive of "LINE Share" button images can be downloaded by clicking the button below.
The button image files are double-sized to fit Retina Display specifications.

"Add friend" button

This button lets visitors to your site add you as a friend on LINE.
Note: You must have a LINE official account or LINE@ account in order for users to friend you.


Enter the LINE ID for your LINE official account or LINE@ account.

Choose a button type

Display number of friends and Home button link Display number of friends Only display "Add friend" button
Button preview